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Ah, Devil Survivor 2, one of my all time favorites games. When I heard about it getting an anime adaptation, and seeing how Persona 4 got one that was pretty good, I was excited! Sweet, more DeSu2 goodness. More of my favorite characters and Ronaldo! Yay!

And then I watched it. The whole thing.

Let me tell you was bad. Like, really bad. It was like watching a train-wreck or seeing someone set your new house on fire. The whole thing started out promising, and then completely fell apart like a tower of Jenga blocks. The anime had a lot of problems, A LOT, and I hope to cover them all in these series of journals.

Obviously, spoilers inbound.

First thing first, the hero/protagonist.

Now, Hibiki's...personality in the game and in the anime. Hibiki is a blank slate in the game so you can put yourself into him through dialogue options and so that the game can focus on all the other characters. At the same time, the game implied things about Hibiki's personality through the options. The general assumption is that Hibiki's a Cloudcuckoolander. He says things like "I need you to act sexy for me" in the most blunt way imaginable. Other examples include:

Hinako: "Dance CAN be useful."
Hibiki: "Especially on a horse!"

Dera-Deka: "Thinking about how ineffectual I am makes me wanna grind my teeth."
Hibiki: "You'll lose your teeth!"

Joe: "I guess it's what they call the end of days."
Hibiki: "But it's morning."

And so on and so on. I must admit, it's what made me like Hibiki so much in the game. It gave him some character while still focusing on everyone else.

The makes him the most generic-ass hero ever. No, "I need you to act sexy for me!", no "Can you do the guacamole?" when Hinako mentions her styles of dance. None of that. Nope!

You know we dooooo get? A horrible version of Yuzu's development in her Eight Day in Devil Survivor: Overclocked. Hibiki's character boils down to "OMGZ I'M SO STRONG AND I FEEL BAD CAUSE PEOPLE DIED AND I COULD PROTECT THEM AND YAMATO SUCKS! RESPONSIBILITY!"

That's about it. 13 episodes of a bunch of wangsting from Hibiki which is about as engaging as watching a sloth use the bathroom; it's boring as all hell and I want to look away. Who the hell thought this was an okay thing to do? What the hell happened?! This is the same director of Persona 4: the Animation, which made Yu Narukami the best thing ever! He was funny and seemed to be a troll towards everyone while still being a good guy we can cheer for.

Hibiki's boring as hell, but at the same time, it made everyone look nicer by consideration, especially Jungo and Airi. So, you can't say that it's not unlike the game, in a way.

And then they all died, but that's another gigantic mistake the anime did that I will get to in a later post.

Hibiki also fails to save everyone else except Daichi and Io...which makes you like him even less because he sucks at this whole "prevent your friend's death/fight destiny thing" which is the entire point of Nicaea!

He fails to save Keita, then he fails to save Joe, Ronaldo, and Otome. Then he fails to save Jungo, Hinako, Airi, and Fumi, then everyone except himself and Yamato die.

Great hero, huh?

So, Hibiki's an awful hero, an awful protagonist, an awful character, and an awful thing altogether. That's a major problem when the person you're supposed to like is the most annoying thing in the game, but there's still plenty more that plague this ship.

I will get to that later.


United States

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